MeTang : Manager & Budget Planner by voice

"MeTang-App" (by Krapaotang)

Recording income and expense will become simple, enjoyable and convenient for everyone by using “Metang”

Use Metang as your intimate friend to simply manage your daily income and expense. Download now at …


Record your income and expense by “Voice”

In a simple way Where you can save the pay-per-day transaction without typing

What's interesting?
  •  Simple, convenient and fast
    In a simple way to record, by pressing the icon or speaking.
  •   Control your spend
    No concern on over-spending because Metang shows you the summary of your income and expense in graph format, and also in a detailed category.
  •  Save in multiple accounts
    Name the account in whatever you want such as name of location, family or traveling.
  •  Choose the international currency.
    You can simply record your various expense wherever you are even during traveling, working or studying aboard.
  •  Plan Traveling Budget
    Won’t miss any expense incurred during your trip to any countries i.e. Japan, Korea, China, USA or even within Thailand i.e. Chiangmai, Pattaya, Phuket, etc.
  •  Exchange rate
    Enter the foreign exchange rate matching your trip so that the spending record would be as plan.