1. Enter the account menu
2. Click the Transfers account button.
3. Enter the account selection page
4. Select destination account
1. How to transfer money into a credit card account or
2. Clicking "Pay" in front of the credit card account
1. Make words that we want to say
2. Select the icon to use.
3. Record by voice according to the words we created
As it may be in the range of an unstable internet signal, the use of this speech function is not 100% complete, but other functions can be used normally. (Note: The speech conversion function is message Is a service from Google. This stability depends on the launch of the Google service itself. The wallet app cannot be controlled.)
Unable to actually connect to the bank, the Money Bank app (by Wallet) is just a record to receive deposit information only.
1. Standard apps can edit category names.
2. If Premuim is able to edit and adjust categories
Can edit the date and detail of that program
The graph shown is to understand the proportion of spending. Compared with monthly income per month For the balance brought forward Will not be added to the graph But will only add to the remaining accumulated balance in the account
In the case of the same system, you can use the user / email that you bought. Download now. If changing to a new system, you have to buy a new app. Since both systems (iOS & Android) have not linked the app purchase data, tied together
Can see more details in the instruction manual. Introduce