Data backup and recovery
Data backup and recovery

Backup / restore data

  • If you want to backup (Backup) data stored to prevent data loss Can be done by entering the settings menu -> backup
  • If you want to recover (Restore) the original data stored Can be done by entering the settings menu -> restore data


Backup / restore data for Android

For users using the Android operating system, can backup and restore data. Within the device itself or through the Cloud of Dropbox, Google Drive (Google drive, only wallet 2.0.5)

**If you want to move the device In case of choosing to back up data locally**

  • Press the backup button
  • After the backup is complete The system will save the data backed up at "My Files> Internal storage> Documents> Krapaotang"
  • Copy files may be connected to the computer. To copy the file Or may use the Share file method through the application line
  • After copying the file To bring the files to the new device at the same location as "My Files> Internal storage> Documents> Krapaotang"
  • Open the wallet application in the new device, select the setup menu and restore the data, then you can reuse the original data.


Backup / restore data for iOS

For iOS systems, the local backup option will automatically backup data to Apple's iCloud system or use the Dropbox backup option.

In case of moving the device Or install a new app In case of backing up data locally Need to use the same Apple ID when backing up In order to restore the original data to use.